2006-05-27 4:09 PM

See/Here, Do, [k]NO [w]eEvil

As you will continue to discover, I think that groups of three have a certain quality to them.

Western culture seems to have a predisposition for threes: trilogies of books and movies, the Holy Trinity, three dimensions, the three graces, three stranded braids. Two legged stools have not really caught on with the general population. The minimum number of legs that has inherent stability is three. Minimum means most efficient in this case. Sure, we can add a fourth leg, but does that really make it more stable?

My undergraduate university has as part of their seal the Latin words “Spiritus, Mens, Corpus” which loosely translated means “Spirit, Mind, Body”. This seems to be a common theme since Latin was actually spoken (or at least since the Reductionists started tearing us apart). Most ideas as long lived as this usually have some validity or at least some usefulness.

My own triune metaphor of the educational process is that of knowledge, awareness, and behavior. Each builds on the other two. If you are not strengthening each of them in parallel you may find your learning is not quite what it could be or maybe just not what you want.

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