2007-11-13 11:48 PM

Two Ways To Share Your Knowledge

Now, if you are thinking “I don’t have any knowledge to share!” we’ll tackle that myth soon enough. For those of you with a bit of confidence in your competence here are two possibilities for sharing your knowledge.

First, we have the traditional act of publishing presented in a non-traditional light. Elsom Eldridge Jr. and Mark Hendricks joined forces with several other experts in publishing and are offering an interesting package called Create and Publish Your Book Now. I have not yet reviewed all the materials but I have recommendations from three people that I trust and respect in addition to enjoying Eldridge’s other work. I negotiated an additional $100 discount for you but I honestly don’t know how long it will last. Click the link above and check it out if you have ever considered writing your own book.

Next, how are you at the public transfer of knowledge? Across the board “PowerPoint” has become the de facto standard when someone is giving a presentation to a group. The trouble with PowerPoint is how far it has taken electronic slides from the supplement they should be. “The Slides” have often become an end rather than a means. What happened to using technology to augment the points you are presenting?

Our newest set of videos walks you through the process of creating effective presentations by eliminating the distractions and fulfilling your actual purpose for giving a presentation. The focus is on teaching rather than selling and we even explore a number of freely available resources to start improving your presentations today.

What were you letting stand in the way of writing your book? Creating your presentation? Maybe even recording your presentation and creating a product from it?

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