2007-11-14 11:35 PM

Vocabulary Saves Lives

Independent of the power of applied knowledge this is an example of directly impacting lives while improving your vocab (or showing off).

FreeRice.com has gathered “sponsors” in the form of advertisers and while you are busy building your vocabulary you are being exposed to the sponsors. Your “eye ball tax” is being paid out in rice. I, personally, can’t think of a better way to spend my eye ball tax. If I’m going to submit myself to advertising it may as well be benefiting more than just the advertiser. Yet another great example of win-win-win.

I spent a few minutes on the site while my daughter played nearby. I cranked through about 300 words and am sitting at a Vocab Level 45 at the moment. Beware, it is addictive. (I’m intent on getting a “perfect” 50.) I really don’t know how much my 2540 grains of rice really amounts to but when you add it up everyone’s little piles there were over 192 million grains of rice donated just yesterday.

If you also want a math lesson go to their totals page and plot the daily totals. The overall trend shows the power of compound interest (and attention).
What are you doing today to better yourself and help others?

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