2007-11-28 11:04 PM

Art of the Obvious Part 1: Knowing-Doing Gap

I live my life with the assumption that we all have the resources needed to continue growing. With a little observational art these resources often become obvious, especially to others. This series is intended to make a few more of those resources obvious and available to you when you need them.

I know many things that I don’t do. I lovingly refer to this as the “knowing-doing gap”.

For instance I know how ephemeral great ideas are and that they should be captured immediately. In fact I had several great ideas for this series as I was walking this afternoon. However, I was cold and didn’t feel like digging under my coat to get a pen and paper to write them down. Besides, the ideas were so great and so obvious I had to remember them, right?

Wrong. I am sitting here trying to will those thoughts back into the forefront of my mind. I know how helpful writing things down can be, yet I didn’t do it this time. What is the difference between the times I do what I know and the times I don’t? Tomorrow I’ll show several ways I’ve turned on the doing automatically. (Hint: by the time you are thinking about what you should have done it is too late!)

What do you know that you would like to do today?

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