2007-12-10 11:56 PM

Practice Goofy Things

As obvious as it may be, I just verbalized the idea that getting out of bed in the morning isn’t about the few minutes surrounding the buzzing of the alarm clock. Getting out of bed begins the previous night, or even the whole day before.

Now, there is a lot of depth to that concept that goes way beyond sleep. For now I’m going to stay in bed, so to speak.

I love serendipity or whatever you want to call the spontaneous reinforcement of ideas I experience so often. This time I was reading about Time Management for Creative People and followed links back to an older Steve Pavlina post How to Get Up Right Away When Your Alarm Goes Off.

Steve basically suggests practicing waking up to your alarm. This entertaining and powerful concept fed nicely into the idea I had just verbalized about sleep. He stretches the boundaries of “getting up” beyond even the previous day. He firmly places the ability to get out of bed into unconscious habit by deliberately going out of his way to simulate the situation, lie down in bed, and wait for the alarm. The idea is so simple, powerful, and just plain goofy. However, goofiness does not release you from goofing around with this concept.

What automatic action would you like to develop today?
How will you practice it ahead of time? (Goofy or not!)

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