2007-12-02 1:58 PM

Adding or Subtracting Habits

There are always further refinements in tuning our awareness whether in naming, changing habits, or just using our meager will power.

Dr. Martin Russell also posted recently about will power. The key distinction I just made between necessary conditions and forcing functions is whether you want to end an existing behavior or begin a new one.

I only hinted last time about using both subtractive and additive behavior changes when I mentioned replacing Zingers with fresh vegetables. When you end an unresourceful habit it is generally easiest to “fill the void” with a resourceful behavior you’d prefer as a habit. One way to assist that transition is by the use of what Dr. Martin calls forcing functions.

I’m a big fan of using forcing functions in my own life, even though I’d never named them before. Thank you for the label Dr. Martin. (I’m continually amazed at the power of simply naming something.)

Check out Dr Martin’s description of forcing functions and then consider today’s questions.

Are your habits adding or subtracting from your joy in life?
What new or replacement habit will you establish this month?
What are the necessary conditions for the transition to happen automatically?
How will forcing functions help by removing the need for will power?

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2 Comments on “Adding or Subtracting Habits”

  1. Dr Martin Russell Says:

    Nice addition Wayne. I hadn’t considered “necessary conditions” as a tool in my work, but it too is a useful distinction.

    All the best with the burgers :)

  2. Dr Martin Russell Says:

    Sorry Zingers…

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