2007-12-05 11:41 PM

Communicating Visually

I finally got a few minutes tonight to dig into the latest Simpleology course and it is just as simple, straight forward, and useful as the rest.

The twist this time is that MJ has joined forces with a great teacher named Jacque Fresco. They are taking the art of drawing and making it simple by sharing the “laws” that Fresco has discovered over the past 9 decades.

You can get a taste of what is included by checking out the replay of the webcast from earlier this week. And while that is playing you can find out more about the benefits of learning to draw.

Where will you directly benefit from being able to communicate clearly with pictures as well as words?

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  1. Mike Says:

    Hi Wayne, I looked at the drawing course on Simpleology and didn’t connect. I will go back and check it out because of your post.


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