2007-12-20 11:47 PM

Season of Giving

The end of the year is a time of transition and of giving. Here are a few gifts to help you transition into the new year physically, mentally, and emotionally strong.

Physical – The first gift is part of a campaign to improve lives by alleviating poor sleep habits. The biggest habit that Dr Martin Russell is campaigning against is the (mis)use of sleeping pills. Anyone who has struggled with sleep knows how your whole life is impacted by that one-third of our lives supposedly spent sleeping. He has graciously decided to freely share his medial expertise on the topic of sleep and the correct use of sleeping pills.

Mental – Surely you’ve discovered by now that I’m a big fan of Mark Joyner’s work, especially anything delivered via Simpleology. What you may not know is that I’ve recently been synthesizing blogging into the teaching/learning process. When you combine these two with MJ’s newest offer of another free Simpleology course I jumped on it. This one is on the topic of blogging. MJ once again demonstrates that you do not need to be an expert on a topic to teach it, you can explicitly “stand on the shoulders of giants” even if you aren’t Newton (Issac, not Wayne).

Emotional – This gift is one that I created myself. I know what an impact emotion has on the mental (and physical) processes that happen from day to day. I also know that many people mistakenly believe they are slaves to their emotions. I created a short walk through to support your best mental process by granting you some control over when and what you feel. At the risk of distraction I’m sending you over to a site where this is one of many gifts. Here is a chance to exercise your focus and get what you came for as directly as possible.
I debated just linking to my gift rather than sending you through the hoops to sign up at the giveaway site. I’ve finally decided that since I explicitly created this for my friend Harris’s giveaway I would send you over there. If you have trouble signing up or finding my gift among the cornucopia I will be happy to share the direct link to my gift — just visit the support desk and let me know.

Which aspect of you life will you boost first? Physical? Mental? Emotional?

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