2007-12-22 10:11 PM

Quick Giveaway Advice

One of my readers headed over to the Christmas giveaway I linked to last post and responded with some questions.

But what am I suppose to be doing with the free gifts and stuff?  Do I add them to my website? Blog? Am I trying to sell them?  What is it all about?

The short answer is only pick the gifts that will help you right now or fit into your overarching plan of how you are helping your clients (or friends, or family).

For all email subscriptions I recommend using a separate email address from your main address. That way you can read the messages in batches and the rest of the time you can work without getting distracted by random emails.

When batching you are always keeping the question in the back of your mind “is this person helping me reach my goals?” When in doubt unsubscribe (yes, even from my list). If you really like the content stay subscribed, but assume you’ll unsubscribe at the end of the next month unless you’ve taken some action on what they have sent. (What have you done for me lately?)

These suggestions may sound horribly self centered — because they are. Remember that you are not indentured to anyone just for accepting their gift, especially if you “traded” your email address to get the “gift” in the first place. If they are not helping you they are only slowing you down.

Next time I’ll share the more extensive advice I gave. While the original context was marketing related you can apply this “exercise plan” to any goals you wish to reach.

What are you going to release that was useful in the past but is holding you back now?

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