2007-12-25 4:04 PM

Artificial ‘nog Constraints

As I was drinking some more eggnog today I realized that my wife and I do something unique with our eggnog consumption that might help you in other areas.

Along the same lines as forcing functions and necessary conditions we are using what I call an artificial constraint. There is, of course, the typical way that people use artificial constraints — to create barriers that don’t really exist. A classic example is running the four minute mile. Until Roger Bannister broke that artificial constraint many thought it to be impossible.

In our case we aren’t breaking any records, just unconscious patterns. We have a stack of dixie cups in the fridge next to the eggnog with the sole purpose of limiting our consumption. By only pouring a few ounces at a time when we could easily pour a large glassful we are artificially constraining ourselves. This has the benefit of making our limited eggnog purchases last much longer through the season by allowing our stomach to catch up with our eyes. We still have to option of drinking the same amount either way but the artificial constraint of the small glass makes it more likely we will be aware of when we are consuming larger quantities.

Where are you artificially constraining yourself to your detriment?
Where will you artificially constrain yourself for your own benefit?

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