2007-12-30 10:19 PM

Boogered Blog

I was inspired by Sansi’s 3 minute upgrade and spent the last hour messing around to get this blog back to where it was (mostly) and I still haven’t upgraded! I am glad that I paid attention and did a full backup, unlike Jim.

If you notice random question marks in past posts that is an artifact of my upgrade/destruction and subsequent restoration.

Now I’m off to ponder de-boogering the archive and possibly attempting another upgrade.
Wish me luck!

[Update: If you manage to get odd two-byte characters in your restore it may be that your database character set was latin1 when you exported and the default on the import is set to utf8. Gotta love when internationalization meets geek speak!]

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2 Comments on “Boogered Blog”

  1. Jim Says:

    Well yeah… Always have a good backup, I think I said so in the video that I hadn’t backed _everything_ up.

  2. Wayne Buckhanan Says:

    I’m sure you did, and I suspect that is part of why I *did* backup everything.

    I’m glad I listened to that niggling and spent the two minutes backing up the whole directory tree.

    And I think you’ve pegged the moral of the story: always backup your data, especially when upgrading!

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