2008-01-02 11:40 PM

The State of Your Mind, Body, and Emotions

To continue our discussion of state here is a quick working definition.

State is the mental, emotional, and physical condition of an individual at a given time.

These three components of state have a huge influence on one another. For example, I spent the bulk of today outside in the wind and snow working on my farm tractor and the physical exhaustion makes thinking clearly or feeling much emotion difficult. Some of this is counteracted by sitting up straight, head held high, breathing with my diaphragm. In much the same way I’m sure you can think of a time when the emotion from some really great news totally changed your thoughts about a situation, and may even have changed your posture and breathing.

This week, where will you notice a change in one condition (mind, body, emotion) that leads to changes in the other two?

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