2006-06-26 11:18 PM

RAW States

In an interview from 1995 Robert Anton Wilson talks about the way he thinks:

“More scientific than religious. More open than dogmatic. More optimistic than pessimistic. More future oriented than past oriented. And more humorous than serious. I really dread serious people. Especially serious, dogmatic people. I regard them as sort of what [Wilhelm] Reich called the emotional plague. I regard them as very dangerous.”

I find this scientific, open, optimistic, future oriented, humorous state a wonderful state for learning — in fact a wonderful state for living. I understand more and more why Richard and RAW get along so well.

This was all spawned by me trying to find more info on the SMIILE concept (from Timothy Leary via RAW) which was triggered by the awarding of the first Heinlein prize. (SMIILE stands for Space Migration, Intelligence Increase, and Life Extension. There is some connection. I promise.)

If you’re ready for a mind expanding experience (sans LSD) check out some of the RAW library.

It’s amazing where a little curiosity can lead.

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