2008-01-03 11:28 PM

Are You Still Stuck? (I Am.)

Another day spent fighting with my tractor and still snowed in. At least it wasn’t snowing on me all day like it was yesterday. And my only “complaint” is that it was so bitter cold that I periodically had to hike back to the house to defrost my nose and toes. But I got to spend a good deal of time thinking about (and changing my own) state.

This week I shared my KAB model (knowledge, awareness, behavior). I shared a little about the connections between mental, physical, and emotional states. But does it matter what state we are in?

In his recent newsletter Jonathan Altfeld shared some interesting questions like “How many buying decisions are made in states of deep doubt?” and “How many dates begin from states of zero attraction?” (“None” is the answer to each.) Altfeld elegantly demonstrates with these questions how state influences our lives.

There are many actions that we would like to start or stop doing. We may even have made new year’s resolutions about them. The fun thing to notice is that most actions have preferred states and prohibitive states. That means there are certain states that make eating junk food much more likely (or automatic) and other states that make it much less likely (or impossible). In much the same way as necessary conditions and forcing functions work externally we can use preferred and prohibitive states internally.

So where do these states come from? And how do we “find ourselves” in a particular state day in and day out? Find out next time when I share a method for changing states.

Until then here are your homework questions:
What action will most benefit you when you start (or stop)?
What mental, physical, and emotional state would make taking that action automatic (or impossible)?

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