2008-01-06 11:32 PM

Changing States

Most people will assume that changing states involves having your mail forwarded. In this case we are more interested in accessing those preferred states that make our goals “automatic”.

We all change states continually. We aren’t in the same state when we are driving down the open highway as when we are in stop-and-go traffic. We aren’t in the same state when choosing a flavor of ice cream as we are when we are choosing our spouse.

The problems occur when we are in a prohibitive state for the action we want to take. If you want to express your joy to a loved one but are slouched over and scowling you are not likely to become joyful. And just in case you think that you’d prefer to always be a particular “positive” state: how would you respond appropriately to a friend that is mourning a loss if the only state you can access is pure unadulterated bliss?

So the challenge is to find the most appropriate, resourceful state for a situation and access that state. And the bonus challenge is to do it consistently and without conscious on-the-spot effort.

The solution that seem obvious to me is to plan ahead. By sitting down and spending a few minutes working on your most restrictive situation you can incrementally knock out huge areas of frustration from your life. Of course, just doing some analysis will only get you to your next therapy appointment. We need a way to access those underutilized states and get those resources into the situations where we need them most. And in order to propagate the change in our lives automatically we need to set up “land mines” of good feelings and resourceful states.

I have recorded a short session where I guide you through this process. You can download the MP3 or listen right there on the page.

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What spectacular state changes are just 20 minutes away?

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