2008-01-07 11:39 PM

Are Your Needs Met?

Whether you subscribe to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs or not, friend Abe had a few useful distinctions in his metaphor.

The first distinction worth noting is the difference between what Maslow calls deficiency needs and growth needs. Deficiency needs are those that motivate us when they are lacking. Good examples of these are food, sex, and money — once you have “enough” the drive to have more tends to drop off. On the other hand, growth needs are those that push us to improve and stretch ourselves. Education and artistic endeavors are good examples of growth activities.

Maslow suggested that there was a hierarchy of these needs. If a “lower” need was not fulfilled then the “higher” needs were irrelevant. Rather than building a strict dependency chart I think the core idea is the valuable aspect — some needs override others and the dominant need depends on context.

Are you generally driven by deficiency or growth?
What deficiency need may be keeping you from growing today?

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