2008-01-08 11:40 PM

Needs Inventory

I’m sure after yesterday’s post about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (if not before) you noticed a few areas where you are not fully satisfied with your life. One of the nice things about Maslow’s list is that it extends needs beyond the stereotypical warm, full, and dry all the way out through self-actualization.

Whether or not you were inspired to take a few moments for self-reflection I highly suggest you spend some substantial time with this. Really dig into what your current needs are and what it will take to fulfill them. The best guide I’ve run across for doing just that is in the form of a goal-getting guide/workbook. Even though it frames everything in terms of “goals” it isn’t much of a stretch to replace every “goal” with “need” and perform the same self-inventory. Did I mention it is free?

How will identifying your goals/needs bring you closer to fulfilling them? (How can it not?!)

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