2008-01-09 11:42 PM

Hierarchy of Life, Love, & Learning

Maslow’s model of needs has some interesting parallels with what we are doing here. With slight rearranging Maslow’s deficiency needs show the importance of Live, Love, & Learning as a foundation for self-actualization.

Physiological and safety needs translate into the stuff of our lives. Eating, breathing, sleeping lead to security within our family, our job, and our world.

Which leads to the ability to belong to a group, a family, or a company. This is where the love becomes more than just words and is demonstrated through actions.

And once life and love are established we can work from that base to learn how inherently valuable and talented you are. And from that esteem you can begin to honestly teach and model your successes to others.

Having met your physical, safety, belonging, and esteem needs you are freed up to explore interesting problems, explore aesthetic pleasures, and see the world as the wonderful place it is.

What unmet need(s) are in your life right now?
What is the biggest stumbling block that keeps you from giving back and teaching others what you’ve learned?

Please feel free to share publicly in the comments below or privately at the support desk in order for me to serve you best.

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