2008-01-21 10:20 PM

Content Revisited

Unfortunately I have not been able to come up with another pair of “C” words that fit this model. That means we only get five Cs instead of sailing the seven Cs. Bad puns aside, these five Cs provide a great model for teaching. Unsurprisingly they also provide a great model for marketing information.

Oh, wait, information marketing is generally done by teaching content! And the bonus is that almost anyone can communicate some content to clients then make the commerce explicit and continually improve. Without the vernacular that means anyone with something to teach can market that information. The wonder of digital technology makes this easier than ever.

Every successful information based business I know of has been based on education or entertainment (or both). The content can be delivered online or offline via text (email, PDF or print book), audio (MP3 or CD), or video (Flash or DVD). Sometimes that content is delivered by someone else (affiliate marketing, advertising). However it is delivered, it started with someone communicating content to “clients” — which means teaching.

Just in case you missed it: I am a huge fan of exchanging value by teaching from your passions.

What excuses have you used for not teaching yet?
What value will you exchange when you begin teaching?

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