2008-01-23 11:16 PM

Communication and Play

I used to think that I communicated well. Then I learned NLP.

The funny part is that now my awareness is much more attuned to the ambiguity in those sort of sentences. I hear when language patterns are being used less than effectively. I notice my sentences are more and more in terms of what I do want rather than what I don’t want. I am aware of when I have good rapport with someone and when I do not.

The entertaining part is that I have a good knowledge of all these patterns. I know many techniques for change. And I also know when to use which pattern or technique.

The useful part is the behavior that goes with the awareness and knowledge. Actually applying the patterns and techniques makes a huge difference. And of course I play with the ideas, techniques, and procedures. There is valuable behavioral flexibility that comes with a playing mindset.

Where are you in need of more entertaining knowledge, amusing awareness, and useful behavior?
What will be different once you’ve got “improved” knowledge, awareness, and behavior?

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  1. Chris Shouse Says:

    You are right that communicating what we DO want and not what we don’t makes a big difference in the opportunities that are presented to us. The more clear we are on what we DO want opens door that you never would have thought could open.

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