2008-02-14 11:28 PM

Sick And Tired (Of Hearing The Same Advice)

The rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated. ‘Tis the flu season and our household has been defending for the most part, or maybe we just exhibit the symptoms less fully than most people. Either way I’m glad to be back here sharing with you.

I am continually amazed at how often we “know” things but still need reminders. I keep running into this when using lab equipment. I find myself very carefully following the manual. For a while I was only consulting the manual when I hadn’t used that particular machine for a while. Then I would get over zealous and miss a step. Now I’ve gotten into the habit of running down the list of steps even when I “know” the process.

I also “know” that writing everyday is important for improving the quality and quantity of my writing. And I “know” a number of tips and tricks for staying motivated. And I “know” how to change my mental/physical/emotional state. Yet, somehow, I let myself lapse in posting here and in other daily writing. Some of it I externalized and blamed on feeling under the weather. Some of it I gave myself an out saying “I’ll do it tomorrow morning when I’m fresh.” Some of it I just plain blew off.

What did it take to get me back in the saddle? Hearing it again from someone else. Being reminded of the things I “know” and allowing that little nudge to get me moving. In this case it was a number of small nudges, but I finally took the hint and got moving again. And just like after a lapse in physical exercise I feel so good that I wonder how I managed to convince myself to stop in the first place.

And it’s not just me, is it.
What do you “know” that you need to put into action today?
What small action will you use to start the avalanche of subsequent actions and results?

P.S. It often starts with a small shift in mental/physical/emotional state. For a nudge in that direction check out the 3 Questions 3 Steps technique.

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