2008-02-17 11:02 PM

Great Nexus, Great Window, Rising Authors! Oh My!

Wow. That’s about all I can say about the newest report circling the net.

MJ has brought together an amazing number of facts and pointed out their significance in creating the Great Nexus we are currently living through. He also points out the Great Window available for Authors to turn print books into respect and recognition (and likely into fame and fortune, if that’s what you’d like).

Even if you are not a writer you still qualify as an Author if you create consumable information or art. Of course the print book thing still requires some amount of writing…

Go find out for yourself what has me blathering in excitement:

Mark Joyner’s Rise of the Author

Stay tuned as I analyze more reasons you want to read and reread this 71 page report now.

Should becoming a best selling author be one of your goals? (MJ thinks so.)

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