2008-03-27 10:02 AM

Join the Conversation – Learn Language Patterns

If you’ve missed it so far head on over to FreshPeel to find out about the rush. We are rocketing “The Age of Conversation” up the charts at Amazon Saturday March 29, 2008.

There are several reasons to do this Amazon rush, the most important of which is to increase exposure for the book because proceeds go to Variety the Children’s Charity.

To do my part and increase sales I am offering an “ethical bribe” if you purchase at least one copy Saturday. I still have a few open slots for our latest online course. We just started, which means you can still participate in the live portions of the course.

To take advantage of this offer and help the kids:

  1. Buy AoC at Amazon Saturday, March 29, 2008
  2. Head over to AoC.LifeLoveAndLearning.com
  3. Submit your name, email, and Amazon receipt number
  4. Instantly join the 5-week online course “Language Patterns for Resilience”

And just to make this weekend fully Conversant: watch for more info about the 2008 volume of The Age of Conversation that I will be co-authoring (with 274 of my “closest friends”!).

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