2008-04-07 7:58 PM

Blue Booties and Pink Ribbons

The past week has been full of surprises, both great news and not so great news.

Happy, Healthy Family of FourThe best news is that I have a healthy, happy son to complement my happy, healthy daughter and wife. Elijah came out to play about three weeks early but was still a respectable 20 inches long and 6 lbs 14 oz. We are still adjusting and doing very well as a family of four (much better than a pregnant family of three!).

The worst news is that my mother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer. (Not that I did not say she “has cancer” — the installation pattern is not one I want to run in a situation like this.) I wonder at coincidences like this following so closely on my friend Drew’s post on hating cancer. While I’m not ready to personify and crucify the disease I am beginning to understand more of what Drew was expressing. I can already feel the emotional numbness towards this situation, my defense mechanism, taking over. If it was just me that might work. Instead, I am going to have to rally my full range of state control skills to be appropriately supportive for the rest of the family.

How have you expressed your gratitude for big blessings in small bundles today?
What small decisions are you making today towards a healthy tomorrow?

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