2008-10-02 11:26 PM

Don’t get it perfect — just get moving!

Watching my six month old son learning to sit and spending most of his time falling over really reinforced that perfection is a myth — especially the idea of doing things “right” the first time. The whole point of learning is in growing and expanding your capabilities. (Really makes me think about homework in school and the expectation of getting everything “right” the first time you work the problems…)

The irony is that I’ve been agonizing over how best to share about perfection. (I want to get it “right” don’t you know!)

Yesterday I pondered in-depth posts and wrote nothing…
(FYI: Long posts and perfectionism lead to major delays.)
Today I chose to be efficient and (re)gain momentum.
Tomorrow I’ll dimensionalize myself into gear and share that trick.

I’d like to hear your own personal “secret method” for getting moving.
[The challenge is getting you to slow down just long enough to post them below!]

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2 Comments on “Don’t get it perfect — just get moving!”

  1. Chris Shouse Says:

    Oh Wayne your post just gave me an AH moment. I tend to over think my blog posts wondering what will people think if this is not just so. I think so much sometimes things just plain do not get done. I keep gathering research and articles I want to write about and I carry them around with me in my briefcase and look them over some more. LOL Just sit down and write already!

  2. Wayne Buckhanan Says:

    Take the 2000 words a day challenge for November. Even if you decide that a novel isn’t what you want to write you can still take up the gauntlet and write knowing that thousands of others are writing their 2000 words that day just like you!

    FYI: Today’s post was excessive at about 800 words. Writing 2000 words a day for a month means you could have a daily stockpile of 400 word blog entries for the next five months! (That’s such cool math I have to go add this as a comment on today’s post too! ;)

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