2006-11-05 4:31 PM

I am a Teacher…

I have known that I’m a teacher. It has just become very conscious recently.

Whether I am introducing the rules to a board game, helping a friend with yard work, or building molecular models it doesn’t take much for me to flip into “teacher mode” and start pointing out (what I consider) interesting observations.

I find this crucial when I think about my daughter and her future schooling. Since my wife and I are intending to homeschool our kids I think that my love for learning (almost everything) coupled with my “teacher mode” will come in handy. I also have a unique mix of talents and subject knowledge that gives me an unusual view of the world and so I see things others may not.

Life, Love, & Learning embodies a challenge to myself — to help others tap into their own love of learning and recognize more of their own interesting observations and unique talents.

How many ways are you unique and interesting that you had taken for granted in the past?

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