2009-08-12 11:56 PM

Think, Write & Retire Book Prompt

Quick note prompted by my friend Dr.Mani’s new book Think, Write & Retire launching August 25th.

Today’s prompt was to answer “What three areas would you most like to create an information business around — and why?”

Practicing my speed composition and building off of the “three” I am lead to answer with mind, body, and spirit. Literally, mind|NLP and coaching, body|kettlebells and tai chi, and spirit|Jesus as marketer.

The why is just as easy. Each of these areas are ones where I have some amount of talent and expertise while at the same time having plenty of room (and desire) to grow. Taking my coaching, kettlebell, or exegetical analysis skills beyond their current nascent state while also sharing my current and future knowledge immediately resounds with my teaching and learning nature.

How quickly can you answer the prompt? Please share in the comments below.
(And if you struggle with the answer you’ll want to get a copy of Dr.Mani’s book. If you pick one up today then be sure to get a copy of Aug. 25 — give the book to that person that comes to mind who really could use it and get Dr.Mani’s bonuses for yourself while helping push his book up the charts! Gotta love a win-win-win, especially when it costs under $20.)

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