2009-10-10 11:43 PM

Pacing and Feeding?

As I mentioned in the 54321 post, pacing and leading is a method for connecting with someone and then gently influencing their path. We do it all the time, whether we realize it or not!

My son is just learning to feed himself and while my wife is generous with handing him utensils and dealing with the carnage I am more reserved in this area. (Maybe I’m too antsy about the boy stabbing the table with his fork, maybe I’m rarely ambitious enough to encourage activities that lead to the full cleanup that oatmeal and honey smeared in the hair requires.)

So, I tend to keep control of the spoon and bowl and expect him to “baby bird” for a mouthful. Almost every time he closes his mouth on the spoon I notice that I’d been holding my mouth open just like him. Pacing at it’s finest.

Here’s the tricky question: who is pacing and leading whom? Am I opening my mouth because I am encouraging him to do so (which is the story I tell myself) or am I opening my mouth in response to him opening first?

Vote below and maybe I’ll take a video and we can analyze who opens first!

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