2009-11-02 12:52 AM

NaNoWriMo Time Again!

Here it is again — a chance to put a huge community of creators behind you pushing, pulling, and applauding you on!

What other benefits are people getting? A new or improved habit of producing content every day. The split between writing and editing (November is writing, editing commences no sooner than December 1st!). The beginnings of a novel (duh!) that could be the difference between being simple you and author you!

What is the first step? Public declaration!
Go to your facebook, myspace, blog, or bulletin board near the water cooler and announce your intent. You will be surprised at how much support you’ll get. What about those energy vampires who want to push themselves up by pushing you down? Turn it around and allow those comments to encourage you to write more. Remember, it is sheer quantity — not quality — and no-one can judge beyond word count!

Any other excuses? Oh yeah. “I don’t want to start because I might not finish.” Take the 50k words “destination goal” and turn it into a personal “process goal” where you are more concerned with writing something daily and/or writing more each day than you did the day before.

Post any other excuses below and I’ll help reframe them so you can start NaNoWriMo’ing today!

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