2007-01-18 8:08 PM

Forest for the Trees

I am constantly amazed at how many things I can talk about, skirt around, and yet I can entirely miss the significance until someone else points it out. Two quick examples.

This past semester while working in the lab my friend and I made note of a number of different things that we thought were odd. It wasn’t until one of the professors asked a very pointed question did we realize that they were more than just odd, they were the important bits!

Last weekend I was talking to a friend about staying hydrated and she quoted someone famous that we should be “peeing clear by noon.” I had related that I drink enough early in the day to be fine, but my problem is late afternoon/evening when I don’t always remember to drink. Just this week Mark Joyner over at Simpleology pointed out that the “drink eight glasses” maxim can be very misleading — you can’t drink half a gallon in the morning and think you’re set for the day! Only then did it sink in that my mornings may be well hydrated but I may be dehydrated by bed time! I have been more aware of my drinking and becoming more consistent about drinking something every hour and feeling better!

What are you taking for granted that I can nudge you into noticing?

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