2010-04-20 10:13 AM

Call for stories of NLP

Time for some annecdotal research.

We’re interested in sharing in your joy/sorrow/confusion. Please share your good/bad/ugly experiences in applying NLP in your business, personal relationships, or anywhere else you have used something you’ve read/heard/watched. (Please refrain from telling other people’s stories unless you were directly involved on the receiving end or observed it first hand.)

All stories welcome from oneliners to the novellas. As you feel lead to share more you can include your background in NLP (voracious reader, client, courses taken, influential trainers, etc), and more context of the situation. A quick way to share context is to set up what the situation was leading into your use of your particular ”magic NLP dust”, your immediate observations upon your ”sprinkling”, and observations on that situation in later interactions. Or before, after & after-the-after as @RayEdwards so eloquently puts it.

Please share stories in the comments below, @WayneBuckhanan on twitter , WayneBuckhanan on facebook , or WayneBuckhanan @ gmail. Please note whether you’d prefer to stay anonymous or be quoted.

Thanks in advance for sharing your expertise — everyone is an expert at being themselves!

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