2007-03-10 10:37 PM

Consistency, Scheduling, and Fun

I continue to be confronted this week with “consistency.”

I have struggled for many years with the idea of consistency versus scheduling. I had felt that setting up a routine where everything is scheduled would be restricting and I would be “trapped” by the clock. What I had been ignoring is that when I have my day “wide open” and I typically waste most of the day and get very little done.

One of the biggest breakthroughs I’ve had with scheduling has been a direct result of advice from a great business coach, Rich Schefren. Among many things Rich suggested scheduling fun things immediately following work time. This gives motivation to stay efficient and get things done.

If you have considered starting or are struggling in an Internet business you should schedule some time this week to check out Rich’s material. The free stuff alone will help you bypass the first “opportunistic” stage and really launch a business.

Figure out what needs to be done this week and schedule something fun to follow!

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