2007-03-20 3:36 AM

Secret Lovers and Haters

I’m not sure what I think of the whole Secret phenomena.

I heartily believe in the Attraction Principle — what you pay attention to you will notice more often. Not seeing is believing — believing is seeing.

The whole idea of creating changes in the world by sitting on your ass thinking positively doesn’t jive well with me. What you are noticing was already there before you started paying attention to it.

"Change your mind, change your world" works as long as there are some behavioral changes that go along with the mental changes.

I’m curious what some vocal detractors (Blair Warren, Kevin Hogan, and Dave Lakhani) have to say about The Secret in their teleseminar this Wednesday night.

(Email thesecret [at] kevinhogan.com if you’re curious too! They are supposed to have a replay if you miss it.)

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