2007-03-26 11:11 PM

Quick, Simple, Easy — Pick Two

If you picked quick and simple and you haven’t heard about Simpleology yet you are in for a wonderful surprise!

Mark Joyner created Simpleology to help people get what they want from life. Personally I find the 15 minutes spent in the morning really give me an edge — when I’m consistent enough to do it! I am quick with excuses but until just now I hadn’t paid enough attention to the days where I start with Simpleology and get twice as much done in the same amount of time. (Now that I’ve verbalized it I’ll stack some anchors and make it happen!)

So what does this have to do with Life, Love, & Learning? It turns out that Mark is releasing the Simpleology Book this week and even the preview shares some powerful language patterns that may be keeping you from what you really want!

If you hurry you can get a preview of the book by logging into your Simpleology account. Look for the red “Simple·ology Book” link.

If you don’t have a free Simpleology account yet, go sign up now! Get started on 101 today so you can take control of your Time, and get ready for 102 and 103 where you get a handle on Money and Energy. (Could you use more of these three resources?!)

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