2007-04-02 9:55 PM

"It’s Not My Fault" — Bullshit!

If you don’t like where you are now — get up and move!
If you don’t like what is happening — do something different!
If you don’t like people’s reactions — change your actions!

I have recently been inspired by Larry Winget to be more direct, mayhaps even in-your-face. There are people making themselves miserable and if all it takes to break them out of self-defeating patterns is me calling “bullshit” then I am willing to break out of my own complacent patterns and be lovingly confrontational.

Winget’s book It’s Called Work For A Reason is not a “feel good” book. He starts by warning that you won’t like what he has to say and proceeds to fulfill that promise. He is no nonsense, to the point, and more than happy to call “bullshit” on things that people ignore in business and life.

When you grab a copy of this book for yourself make sure you think of someone else that needs a wake-up call. That way when Winget really pisses you off (by hitting too close to home) you can immediately pass along the book and feel better about staying stuck right where you are. Or not.

I can’t change you — only one person can.
However, when you are ready I’m waiting to help.

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