2007-04-06 3:59 AM

Profile Junkie

“Hi. My name is Wayne and I’m an addict.”

My most recently discovered addiction is personality/attitude/style profiles. I love reading my results for the Kolbe Index, Strengths Finder, and all the alphabet soup of MBTI, DISC, etc. I even like the Enneagram (minus the voodoo). They are fun as long as you don’t take them too seriously. (Even the ones that tell you which Star Wars character you would be!)

I love the insight that I gain into how I choose to behave. But I know that these are just patterns in my behavior that were “true” for the situations I imagined when I answered the profile. I also know that the human mind maintains it’s plasticity as long as it is still being stretched. (Check out The Myth of the First Three Years where John Bruer calls bullshit on the claim that we are “hard-wired” at age 3.)

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