2007-04-26 11:55 PM

Going First with Flogging Molly

I’m sweaty, half-deaf, and feeling great!

Flogging Molly just got done with a great show and I was reminded again of how important it is to “go first.”

I went with great expectations and, being the social creature that I am, hung at the back looking for anyone I knew. As the concert started I was moping a little since I never found any familiar faces. Then I realized what I was doing and decided that I was going to have a good time in spite of myself! I started jumping and got my arms up in the air and threw myself into the experience head first.

It took me a few moments to get past the fact that the people around me were not moving but I was encouraged by the other three quarters of the crowd that were. So I bounced and found myself really enjoying the whole event — even songs I’d never heard before that would not typically enthuse me.

This is the same principle that makes rollercoasters more fun when you wave your arms and scream. Brother-in-law and his kids helped me test this theory a few years ago in a giant barrel at the ren faire. An otherwise sad little ride was actually fun when we yelled and flailed our arms.

The moral of the story is if you want to jump start your attitude get your body going first and let your emotions follow.

What physiology can you lead with that will jump start the mental state you would like today?

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