2007-05-22 7:33 AM

Change or Die

Sunday’s book was Change or Die by Alan Deutschman.

Change or Die: The Three Keys to Change at Work and in LifeIn spite of being based on one of the author’s Fast Company articles (I have mixed feelings about FC) this book is a great example of modeling and language patterns. Change or Die opens with the statistic that nine out of ten people when presented with a life threatening situation, such as clogged arteries, do not change their lifestyle!

In The No Asshole Rule Sutton presented many studies as facts and stories as opinions but seems to have missed any real theory tying things together. Deutschman goes so much further and shows how his “keys to change” theory fits nearly every form of therapy or radical lifestyle change he explores. He compares and contrasts the “conventional strategy” (facts, fear, and force) with his three keys (relate, repeat, and reframe). Deutschman also adds an air of authority by presenting nine “psych concepts” that mesh nicely with his three keys.

Deutschman takes seemingly disparate examples of change and explains them all with his three keys. I found myself applying his keys to major changes I’ve seen and experienced. Simpleology is a great example. Joyner invites you into a relationship with himself and the community embodied in the forum. You repeat first the new facts and concepts, then your daily praxis. MJ also does a wonderful job of building new ways of looking at the world and your tasks that allow you to reach your goals.

Another reason I’m so impressed with Change or Die is that Deutschman presents a number of language patterns and fundamental NLP concepts. Some are obvious such as frames and reframing. Others are more subtle such as recasting your lifestory. When taken together with his wide ranging examples and easy to read style Deutschman quickly made it onto my list of authors to watch.

How far can you take these simple keys in changing your own life?

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