2007-05-29 12:01 AM

Tactical Entrepreneur

Let us start the week with another review and some bonuses!

Tactical Entrepreneur by Brian Hazelgren is a guidebook for taking a business idea (or the idea of going into business) and turning it into a conventional bricks and mortar business with you at the helm as Chief Entrepreneur!

Hazelgren does a good job of putting the fun back in the fundamentals of business ownership. He is straight forward that owning your own business is hard work and then lays out the full plan of what work is involved. The appendices have some good articles and an extensive example business plan for a manufacturing company.

Hazelgren does not cover much related to Internet businesses specifically. However, if you are looking at starting a “real world” business I heartily recommend this book. He covers writing a business plan, the pros and cons of the different business structures, and on up through hiring and even expansion.

And as we’ve seen in past book promotions if you pick up a copy today you can get a slew of bonuses.

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