2007-05-29 10:48 AM

Cardio-Free Diet

As we continue the summer book review series we have a few titles that are more bodily oriented.

The Cardio-Free DietThe Cardio-Free Diet by Jim Karas caught my eye and piqued my interest. Karas suggests that the usual prescription of endless aerobic exercise will not help with weight loss. Since my own interest is in fitness rather than just a number on the scale I was interested in what Karas suggests as an alternative — weight training twenty minutes three times a week. He includes a workout using exer-bands, a free weight workout, and the requisite eating plan with recipes.

This is a good starting point if you are entirely sedentary — anything that gets you off your butt is good! However, exercise is similar to religion: you will see results from following what you believe and what fits with your lifestyle. While writing this I realized that in order for me personally to stick with a fitness/nutrition plan there has to be some fantasy element. I need to think I’m becoming an astronaut or a Roman legionaire or Jet Li or a spec ops warrior. Which inspires me to re-read my favorites and share them with you!

What does fitness have to do with learning? First of all, I’ve not met anyone who did not have an intimate connection between their brain and their body (no brains in jars). Emotional states are directly connected with memory, concentration, and learning. Emotions are “triggered” by our bodies — either through our neurochemistry or more directly by our position and posture — and are generally more positive with regular exercise.

What acts of mental/physical fitness are you inspired towards today?

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