2007-06-20 1:55 PM

Mindset and metaphors

I usually wait until I’m done with a book to share my thoughts but this time I may have extracted my biggest insight within the first ten pages.

Mindset: The New Psychology of SuccessThe book: Mindset by Carol Dweck. The epiphany: it isn’t about nature versus nurture — it is about what metaphor you choose for your life.

I had seen a few interviews with Dweck, noted the idea of her two mindsets (fixed versus growth), nodded my agreement and went on with life. I figured I was in good shape since I have a stereotypical growth mindset (said in fixed language!).

Within the introduction of her book Dweck (unintentionally) opened up a whole new way for me to make use of her mindsets theory. She was talking about how nature and nurture are intertwined — that genetics need behaviors to manifest, etc. — and something she said triggered a realization. It doesn’t seem to matter whether we are driven by genes or environment — what matters is whether we act as if we are driven by the “hand we’ve been dealt” (fixed) or we act as if we are driven to the places we wish to be (growth).

The part of this epiphany that really struck home for me was that this is one more metaphor within which we can live our lives (and I’m a big fan of metaphors). One of the wonderful things about metaphors is that we can leave the discussion of truth to the philosophers and just look at how our beliefs influence our lives.

So, how have you chosen to grow today?

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