2007-07-08 11:50 PM

7 Day Business Turnaround

Since I tell you about the other things I’m reading and learning from I had to share this too.

In case you missed it I am a big fan of Mark Joyner’s Simpleology and all the benefits to be gained from his free 101 course. You’d think that his new Simpleology Intensive would really get me excited. For some reason I couldn’t get into the pre-release hype.

Then I read the release page. I was just going to check out what ended up in the actual release. I skimmed my way down the page and then I saw that there was no payment for 7 days and found myself buying it before I even knew what all was included.

I have now been through the bulk of the course (and barely touched the non-core “bonuses”) and I’m kicking myself for waiting as long as I did! My monthly expenses dropped by $524.60 on day 2 — more than paying for the intensive. I’m a little behind and so my first “cash injection mission” is rolling out on day 6 instead of day 3.

Whether you are in business for yourself or not your finances can benefit from the mindset shift during days 1 and 2. MJ is a master at bridging the knowing-doing gap by taking the “obvious” and making it doable (and more importantly done!). If nothing else this is worth its weight in gold for the little insights into MJ’s accelerated learning processes shared during the “space monkey” coaching calls.

Unless you are living comfortably off of your lottery winnings or Uncle Bob’s inheritance you’ll want to check it out while MJ is still offering 7 days free.

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