2007-08-04 9:48 PM

Profundity is Over-rated

My uncle finally got married today. Family events always get me thinking about the big picture in life.

Those dramatic moments where we learn or share something profound can be immensely satisfying. There is, however, the bulk of the time that seems more mundane or pedestrian. Which deserves the majority of our attention? Where can we see the best return on our time investment?

Next weekend we are off to the wedding of some friends from school and then on to the Bristol Renaissance Faire. After telling her that there will be elephants at Bristol Abby asked to pet a zebra! 2-year old logic — profound or mundane? (Or just juvenile?)

I believe that Josh and Rachel are outliers with respect to their wedding. While the wedding planning is going along wonderfully I have seen them putting the bulk of their energy into building the marriage. Their focus has been on the lifelong journey rather than the once-in-a-lifetime event.

Are you focused on the stressful events or the joyful journey?

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