2007-08-22 1:26 AM

Be Unreasonable

Be UnreasonableBe Unreasonable by Paul Lemberg is an awesome choice to wrap up my summer reading. It has loads of my favorite features in a non-fiction book: pushes boundaries and comfort zones, preaches what is practiced, randomly distributes exercises, and is a very easy read.

Lemberg has distilled the essence of behavioral flexibility in the face of cultural norms. He suggests “unreasonable” alternatives to situations that only seem reasonable to cattle (let me chime in with my own guilty “moo” before you fire up the branding iron). Stand up, look around, and realize the crowd is standing around chewing their cud. Be Crocodile Dundee in NYC — ignore convention when being unreasonable gets you results.

“If we set the bar low enough we can trip and still make it over.” –C.S.

Another fun area of “unreasonable” is expectations. This is very much a mindset issue — your own and others. My version of what Lemberg is saying: we need to break free from our limiting beliefs and start living up to the immense potential contained in each one of us. Oh yeah, then we can expect (and receive!) the same unreasonable performance from those around us too.

For more unreasonable-ness you’ll need to pick up a copy of the book. If you buy it today you can head on over and claim your bonuses. If you haven’t gotten my special report “You Try But…” this is the best place to pick it up for free. Not to mention the dozens of other bonuses available.

Honestly, acting on the information in this book is worth more to your bottom line than what Amazon charges. The bonuses are just that, bonus. Heck, buy it now, collect your bonuses and if the exercise around page 18 doesn’t more than pay for the book I’ll buy your copy from you. Is that unreasonable enough for you?

Where have you been settling for what is comfortable and reasonable instead of living up to what you’re capable? How many patterns does this book need to interrupt to justify $20 and a couple hours invested?

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