2007-08-24 11:21 PM

Win-Win-Win or No Deal

James Brausch is having a contest. I intend to win. I will need your help.

Brausch intends to win the promotion contest for August over at CDBaby. To do that he is having a contest to promote his “Time Life Management 101″ CD. From what I’ve listened to so far I am quite impressed with LM101. It is very in sync with what I teach here.

Our first win-win-win proposal:
(there will be more coming next week)

  1. Purchase three or more copies of LM101 before noon Eastern on Monday
  2. Copy and paste your email receipt into a ticket at the support desk
  3. Receive a full copy of “An Introduction to NLP” before it is removed from the market at the end of the month.

You win by getting LM101 and the full “Intro to NLP” package (including all the uncut videos) for less than the price of the audio version.
Your friends or family win when they receive a copy of LM101 from you (Christmas is coming!) and it transforms their lives.
I win Brausch’s contest.
Brausch wins CDBaby’s contest.

If that isn’t win-win-win enough for you let me know what it will take for you to purchase 5, 10, or 25 copies of LM101.
When I choose your idea I’ll include a special bonus.

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