2007-08-27 6:47 PM

Upping the Ante

After talking with Dr Martin Russell, who is also helping Brausch, I’ve decided to extend Friday’s offer and up the ante.

I recently met Dr Russell and instantly liked him. (Anyone who has trained with John and Richard is someone worth meeting!) He has taken a more direct path to helping people, both as a medical doctor and as a counselor, so if there are areas that you’ve been struggling with and have exhausted the options available Dr Russell may be a good choice.

Dr Russell has an offer on the table for another 24 22 hours. He is offering a copy of one of his self-help products with two copies of Life Management 101. I propose that you buy 5 copies and take us both up on our offers. And just to sweeten the deal you will get access to a teleseminar where I answer all of your questions about NLP, accelerated learning, and how they can help in your business and personal life. (If enough of you take us up on this offer I may even be able to convince Dr Russell to be on the call, Australia or not!)

Purchase five copies of Life Management 101 and send me your receipt (and your questions) before 5pm Eastern Tuesday. You’ll get prompt access to my “Intro to NLP” with the teleseminar details soon after. Remember to include which of Dr Russell‘s products you want and I’ll take care of making sure you get that. (Yes, those of you who already purchased will get access to the call as well, but if you want in on Dr Russell’s deal you’ll have to purchase more copies.)

I wonder how many NLP techniques and patterns you will notice as Dr Russell’s products guide you in self healing. And did you notice the rest of Dr Russell’s offer?

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