2007-08-29 7:49 PM

Final Contest Push

Last offer of the week and of the contest. I have gone all out for Brausch. I have collected a ton of relevant resources to improve your life and your learning. I know you’ll love them!

Are you ready to further integrate your mind and body? My friend and associate Kathy is a Yoga instructor and fellow NLP trainer. She has volunteered two titles from her Yoga in a Chair series of audios. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to unlock your physical potential and experience a great example of NLP in action.Get started accelerating your learning with a copy of my audio course on speed reading before it is even released. Learn, among other things, the three main stumbling blocks to effortless reading and how to put them behind you. You will also have online access to additional support materials as they are released.

And to wrap up the audio portion of the offer there are still a few slots open for the call where all your questions about NLP and accelerated learning are answered. The only way to get on this call is by helping me help Brausch win the CDBaby contest.

To make sure that you have a solid foundational knowledge of NLP and its applications I am also including a printed and bound copy of the materials used in a number of NLP Practitioner courses (including my own). Joel and Debra have brought together a marvelous resource for using NLP in a variety of ways with a special emphasis on physical and mental health.

As you may be aware most people have more senses than just vision needed to read a manual. Many individuals also prefer learning by watching and doing. In order to further serve you in your NLP education I am also including the full recordings from one of our NLP Practitioner trainings. You will get a taste of what an NLP Practitioner training is really like. You will not have the benefit of one-on-one attention and feedback, but this will be as close as you can get to an NLP training in your living room.

To claim this outrageous bundle you need to order 50 copies of LM101 and submit your receipt at the support desk before noon Eastern Friday. Remember to include your NLP questions for the call.

For less than a third of the cost of a live NLP Practitioner training you get it all.

  • Yoga in a Chair – Neck and Shoulders
  • Yoga in a Chair – Hips and Low Back
  • Learning to Learn Primer – Speed Reading 101
  • Q&A call – NLP and Accelerated Learning
  • NLP Training Manual – Healing with Language
  • NLP Practitioner Training – Full 5 DVD Set

You’ve got less than 48 hours to order Brausch’s CD and submit your receipt for this package.
Take advantage of this chance to learn from exclusive audios and videos filled with NLP content and delivery before I change my mind. (Kathy is amazed at how much I’m offering. If you see another offer this good please tell me about it!)

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