2006-05-17 11:15 PM

The Coincidental Covey Connection

We are in the age of super long domain names. Back when I got my first domain I picked a nice short one (5 characters) and have been happy with it. That was early 2000.

Recently I decided to get a separate domain for business stuff. And nothing shorter than Antidisestablishmentarianism.com was available. With my focus on NLP and my transition from one side of the teacher’s desk back to the other I decided on LifeLoveAndLearning.com since the other combinations I tried were already taken. I committed, paid my money, and again am happy with my domain.

Within a day or two I ran across a reference to a book by Steven Covey (et al): First Things First. I had picked up the book off our book shelf a couple years ago and hadn’t read much if any. (I’m still not sure how it got on our book shelf to begin with, it isn’t really my wife’s style.)

Having read this far you’re still waiting for the connection. It was that the reference included the subtitle:

First Things First: To Live, to Love, to Learn, to Leave a Legacy.

So I decided that I needed to actually read this book since I knew I’d get at least one astute reader who made the “Covey Connection” that doesn’t really exist. (This is where I would put the rant about coincidence and it’s connotations if I thought it would add to this discussion. I can post that rant if enough people ask for it or I have a “slow news day”.)

So far I’ve made it through the first section: the “what” of the book rather than the “how” that is covered in the rest of the tome. As usual I am not enthralled by Covey. And yet I am compelled to follow through and see how he delivers on his promises. Maybe Merrill and Merrill have tempered Covey enough for my tastes.

Stay tuned for my first impressions and my own spin on their first section.

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