2007-09-12 10:57 PM

Metaphor and MJ

I am here to present to you a number of life changing skills, techniques, and mindsets. I am more and more convinced that the most appropriate metaphor to wrap around this is the metaphor of business. Everyone is involved in business — at the very least as a consumer of goods and services provided by others.

And now Mark Joyner has driven the point home for me. Someone asked whether Joyner’s upcoming product was going to be a personal development product. MJ’s answer referred them back to the three sources of power in Simpleology 101: Time, Money, and Energy. Notice that at least one third of those are related to business.
MJ is best known for helping people make money. Invest a few minutes of your time to find out what has generated so much energy. At least 989 people answering a single question since yesterday!

What can you learn from someone who gets so much out of life? (His own and others!)

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