2007-09-19 9:24 PM

Blah Food – Bland Mood

It is amazing to me when I get to live through the things I “know”.

My latest adventure has been fighting off the marauding hordes of sniffles and coughs. I seem to be winning the fight and paying for it with lethargy. The worst aspect is that I’ve lost any enthusiasm for food. I couldn’t even bring myself to eat the meal a friend lovingly prepared and raved about.

I knew in my head that having an inhibited sense of smell dulled the sense of taste but I’d never consciously lived through it until being discouraged from eating recently. Somewhere in all this I also noticed that I’ve been in a bit of a blah mood as well. I’m curious whether the mood caused loss of appetite or if the foods I’ve eaten have caused the mood or (most likely) they are correlated but not causing one another at all. Then again it could be a feedback loop where food influences mood influences taste influences mood, ad nauseum (as it were).

However, the evil power of this food-mood combo is being dissipated by being noticed and discussed. The unconscious pattern is being interrupted just by being brought into consciousness. This is a macroscopic vision of quantum physics where the observer affects the outcome of the system being observed.

What blah mood, unconscious pattern, or unnoticed feedback loop will you influence for the better today just by noticing it?

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